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⤴︎ What is HEART attack!

What Is a HEART Attack?

A heart attack happens when the blood flow to heart is suddenly reduced or cut off or stops to part of the heart as it carries oxygen to the heart. During a heart attack, heart muscle doesn’t get the oxygen it needs. Without oxygen, muscle can be damaged or destroyed. Getting your blood flow restored quickly is the key to recovery. Get medical aid right away if you think you’re having symptoms of a heart attack.
Doctors divide heart failure cases into four levels of increasing severity:
I: Physical activity is unaffected, and the patient has no unusual fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations, or pain during normal activities.
II: Slight limitations on normal activities as patient may experience mild fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations, or pain during normal activities; no symptoms at rest.
III: Marked limitation on normal activities as patient experiences fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations, or pain during less than normal activities at the same time no symptoms at rest.
IV: Patient is uncomfortable even at rest and discomfort increases with any physical activity.
Doctors also classify heart failure according to whether it is primarily a problem of pumping blood out of the heart due to a weakened heart muscle, or if patient has problems primarily with filling the heart due to a stiff heart muscle (also called heart failure with normal ejection fraction). Heart failure with normal ejection fraction now accounts for almost half of the heart failure seen in the U.S. and is the dominant type of heart failure seen in elderly. Contrary to its name, congestive heart failure does not mean the heart has failed completely. It means the heart is pumping inefficiently and no longer can meet the body’s need for blood. This inefficient pumping causes a backup of blood in the veins leading to the heart and causes kidney to keep fluid as a result body’s tissues swell. Swelling (edema) most commonly affects the legs, but can also occur in the lungs, causing breathing difficulty, and in other tissues and organs.
The most common CAUSES of heart failure are:

  • Coronary artery disease (narrowing or hardening of arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle, usually caused by a buildup of fats and cholesterol)
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Many patients with heart failure have both coronary artery disease and hypertension.
  • Heart failure may also be caused by other conditions that weaken or interfere with the heart’s function, including:
  • Previous heart attack
  • Heart valve disease
  • Dysfunction of the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)
  • Heart defects present at birth
  • Infection of the heart valves or muscle (endocarditis or myocarditis)
  • Cardiac arrhythmias (problems with the heart rate and/or rhythm)
  • Exposure to toxins, including excessive alcohol
  • Diabetes mellitus, Hyperthyroidism, and chronic (long-lasting) lung disease also increase the risk of congestive heart failure.
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Dyslipidemia/ high levels blood cholesterol (abnormal levels of lipoproteins in the blood), particularly high low-density lipoprotein, low high-density lipoprotein, high triglycerides and obesity.

In some people with congestive heart failure, heart muscles become weaker and cannot pump as well. In other, muscles become stiff and the heart cannot fill with enough blood between heartbeats. A buildup of cholesterol and a fatty material called plaque in artery walls usually causes a heart attack. The buildup of plaque normally takes years. Most heart attacks happen when plaque breaks off your artery wall. A blood clot then forms around the broken-off plaque, blocking the artery.
To counteract depression of the cardiovascular system in patients, TriOrigin may definitely bring some sort of positive improvement. There appears little sensitivity to needles, only in concept of Onnuri SuJok 1mm very fine needle is to prick that too only on the palm to aid the positive results. Often once the needles are in place, most people relax and even fall asleep for the treatment that has a positive and holistic effect. The aim is to promote health and ease sufferings, Give a Try! In the meantime one may start pull-push exercise through the thumb itself on the mount on palm as prescribed with red spots with permanent marker pen and other color marking. ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’

Dr Dinesh kapur View All

Dr Dinesh kapur ~ Consultant, Author
• SMILE; an essence of life, that creates perfection!
• Emotions ‘Lifestyle’ and Effects on Health
Dr Dinesh Kapur lives in the highest integrity and contributes to the wellbeing of others by being an example of benevolence. Besides being a practicing healer, consultant, blogger and author in natural concepts on different specialized concepts of crystals, shiatsu, chiropractic, colors and more specific different modalities such as micro acupuncture, color acupuncture, emotional energy flow, seeds, colors, spiral, mudra, chakra and the SMILE invisible M-Particles fundamental concept.
The whole process focuses only on the miniature form of body through energy channels in a compact system on hands, fingers only. The energy channels of meridian system influence every cell in the body and pass through every organ and its organic system. As the energy may go up to any extent, that may be the reason, it penetrates at core levels!
There is no direct application of any concept on any organs, irrespective of disease, but only in affected meridian channels. So the question of any side effect does not arise; at the most, if energy process does not work, it gives no results. Indirectly, the concept is exceptionally safe as there is no intake in any form of chemical composition called medicine.
The concept a powerful tool to accord exceptional positive effective results through ENERGY channel from normal cold to chronic disease like kidney failure, spinal vertebral problem or problems related to blood or even cells rejuvenation or woman’s issue and more…. Even effective in case of emotional, psychological disorders, or problem related to weight, or pain management. The treatment is effective at all levels ~ •BODY •PSYCHOLOGY •NEURO or Emotional. Effectiveness is not only restricted to treatment concept of common illnesses, which “chase” us in our daily round but also with cases difficult to cure even by the western medicine. The system is an efficient method to restore and support one’s health and to prevent disease.
The beauty of concept to caters the needs of an individual’s! Though, lifestyle too matters a lot in your OWN health! AIM is to promote health and ease sufferings with SMILE. When you smile, it’s an attempt to bring perfection the emotions, and with that perfection comes to the faculties of life!

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  1. Dear Respected Sir Dr.Dineshji
    Sir am asking this my mother whose three of the arteies are blocked,one of heart valve is not working,five years back she was operated for lump in her left breast(nodules were not removed) just Lump was taken out as she is diabetic .Dr said it would not be advisable to remove nodules. Recently she was rushed to ICU for shortening of breath as there was fluid found in her lungs,and due to highBP and High sugar level.
    Now I like to know what sujok treatment would you suggest for health issues.She is 79ys.i have miniature magnets,Byol Magnets,Bar Magnets,Chakra Magnets,colors,kindly help me for my Mother.please give suggestions with image so that I wont do anything wrong.HSe often gets difficulty in breathing.Please reply urgently. God bless You.
    Thanks, waiting in anticipation


  2. My wife, named Mrs Daya Gupta was suffering from varicose veins related problem for the last 5 years. After receiving the continuous acupuncture treatments from Dr.Dinesh Kapur for 6 months at Balaji Mandir, Vivek Vihar she has recovered more than 90% and she is in good health now.
    Further in the month of January, 2015 she had also developed heart related ailments and Doctors had recommended angiography immediately. We waited very patiently and after the 2 months of acupuncture treatment by Dr.Dinesh Kapur, her heart was found to be functioning in normal way during the angiography in early May’ 2015 at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi.
    We are thankful to Dr.Dinesh Kapur for providing us excellent drugless treatment and wish him great success in his professional life in the coming days.
    Yashpal Gupta, Ghaziabad


  3. Suprisingly your excerpt about heart symptoms was timely. I had severe chest pain in the chest sternum area with diminished vision for a few seconds. The vision and head cleared but the extreme discomfort lasted for 20 minutes while I drove on to work. This has happened to me for years. I hadn’t had an episode like this in. 2 years. I took a formula with blood stagnation breaking herbs.


  4. On 29 July, 2014, myself, myself and my son were going to Vrindavan, but on the way near Badarpur, I had a massive heart attack, we reversed our car and approached to Dr.Dinesh Kapur for treatment. He immediately took measures and gave me acupuncture treatment and saved my life, he is just like a living god to me. I am now normal and going to my work, but my treatment is still going on so that the disease should be removed from the root. May God bless him for the good works he has been doing. He is a miracle man, he not only cured me but saved me from complications of surgery.
    Thanks to him


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