⤴︎ SPINAL ‘cervical to lumbar, coccyx’ PROBLEM:

spineSPINAL ‘cervical to lumbar, coccyx’ PROBLEM:

Spine is a two-way conducting system, because it consists both the descending (send the motor impulses from the brain, pericardium to the peripheral nervous); and the ascending (send the sensor impulses from sense organs and body receptor into the brain, pericardium) the nervous tracts. The spine is a very complex structure that is never still, and any slightest movement in the body, affects the spine, including breathing. Our upright posture puts added stress on the neck and the small of the back, which are the commonest sites of backache. Spinal nerves have motor fibers and sensory fibers. The motor fibers innervated certain muscles, while the sensory fibers innervated certain areas of skin. A skin area innervated by the sensory fibers of a single nerve root is known as a dermatome.
Cervical Nerves “C”: (nerves in the neck) supply movement and feeling to the arms, neck and upper trunk.
Thoracic Nerves “T”: (nerves in the upper back) supply the trunk and abdomen.
Lumbar Nerves “L” and Sacral Nerves “S”: (nerves in the lower back) supply the legs, the bladder, bowel and sexual organs.
Traditional theory of TriOrigin states that Qi or vital energy is the animating force behind life for all the diseases as main root cause. It is well said that if one stays in touch with the vital energy, ones life will be healthy in all its phases, be it •BODY •PSYCHOLOGY •NEURO!
Acupuncture, itself is a powerful medicine, which aids in strengthening and improve body’s immune as well as osseous system and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increases both the ability and qualitative lives of people. It has helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine. There is a dramatically improvement in the condition or remedied in full including, SPINAL any problem!
In spine, vertebrates are interlinked with the different organs of the body:
C1: Naao. PINEAL. Head back portion
C2: Hotness. PITUITARY. Various areas of the Head
C3: Heat. THYROID. Side And Front Of The Head
C4: Wind. THYMUS. Upper Back Of The Neck
C5: Humidity. PANCREAS. Middle Of Neck and Upper Part Of Arms
C6: Dryness. ADRENAL. Lower Part Of Neck, Arms, and Elbow.
C7: Coldness. SEX GLANDS. Lower Part Of Arms, Shoulders.
T1: AH-Hotness. HEART. Hand. Wrists. Finger. Thyroid.
T2: UM-Hotness. LUNGS. Heart, its Valves and Coronary Arteries
T3: AH-Heat. SPLEEN. Lungs. Bronchial Tubes. Pleura. Chest.
T4: UM-Heat. PANCREASE. Gall Bladder. Common Duct.
T5: AH-Wind. LIVER. Solar Plexus.
T6: UM-Wind. KIDNEY. Stomach. Mid Back area
T7: AH-Humidity. SMALL INTESTINE. Pancreas. Duodenum.
T8: UM-Humidity. LARGE INTESTINE. Spleen. Lower Mid-Back.
T9: AH-Dryness. STOMACH. Adrenal Glands.
T10: UM-Dryness. DUODENUM. Kidneys.
T11: AH-Coldness. GALL BLADDER. Ureters.
T12: UM-Coldness. BLADDER. Small Intestines. Upper/Lower Back
L1: Heat. NERVOUS. Ileocecal Valve. Large Intestines.
L2: Wind. RESPIRATORY. Appendix. Abdomen. Upper Leg.
L3: Humidity. CIRCULATORY. Sex Organs. Uterus. Bladder. Knee.
L4: Dryness. DIGESTIVE. Prostate Gland. Lower Back.
L5: Coldness. EXCRETORY. Sciatic Nerve. Lower Legs. Ankles. Feet. II.I.IV.V.VI.SACRUM
 Hotness (skull bones).  Heat (cervical section of spine).  Wind (thoracic section of spine).  Humidity (lumbar section of spine).  Dryness (sacral section of spine).  Coldness (coccyx).
12 vertebrae of thoracic spine connected anatomical with twelve rib pairs. Together with sternum, they protect vitally important internal organs of thoracic and abdominal cavities.
TriOrigin improves in condition of spinal problems, further repairs it, and strengthening the vertebrates. The Nature of problem may be related to any~ be it of Sciatica. Spasm. Atrophy Cerebral. Atrophy Muscles. Cervical. Cervical Stiffness. Cervical Demyelination– lack of sensitivity throughout the body. Lower Back Ache. Lumbar pain. Vertebral Stiffness. Osteo diffuse. Uterine myoma. Degenerative disease. Lumbar. Sacral. Frozen-shoulder.
Even the term loss of pain or temperature sensation can damage the nerve pathways responsible for receiving, transmitting or processing external stimuli. Or inability to urinate or urinary retention, despite having an urge to urinate, can effectively be controlled through the spine itself. Pain in spine or in back may be a result of problems in the bony lumbar spine, discs between vertebrae, ligaments around spine and discs, spinal cord and nerves, muscles of low back, internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen, and skin covering the lumbar area. Pains in upper back can also be a result of disorders of aorta, chest tumors and inflammation of spine or pain in the arm may be because of spine is responsible either way.
Aim is to promote health and ease sufferings. Give a Try! As the process is only on the hands reflect in miniature form of body through the energy channels in compact system, chosen for overall wellbeing with the aim of increasing blood circulation and Qi and calming the nervous system. Indirectly concept is exceptionally safe, as no direct application on organs. Treatment can be tailored to individual’s needs.

https://triorigin.me/ ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’

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  1. Sandhya Kaushik says:

    I was diagnosed dorso lumbar spinal problem with disc degeneration changes in L4-5, with compression of nerve root, which practically for me to difficult my daily routine work, besides unbearable pain, which I was suffering for the last more then 10 months and on pain killers. Even doctors advised me to get operated.
    BUT thanks to Dr.Dinesh Kapurs acupuncture which was done only on the hands that too without recomending any time any medicine, I could start getting results in a short few sessions. Ultimately, I have no requirement of any medicine, and of course no operation required. Without this, it is posible to have my life to the normal. Besides, other problems like gyne, and feeling of coldness and sometimes heat in my teeths also got cure.
    Thanks doctor Dineshji.


  2. Sameer Agarwal says:

    When, I suffered sudden but enormous pain in my right arm & shoulder, which shook me up and the pain grew with time for which I had to be admitted at Max Balaji Hospital for around 9 days where I was administered injections in spine at shoulder along with physiotherapy and medicines. But, the things were almost the same and a cervical surgery was advised to me for getting relief. I then took discharge and came to know about Dr. Dinesh Kapur from whom I started taking treatment and could find results in ten sitting and I am feeling very major relief now and I am very thankful to him and impressed by him for his impeccable and unparalleled knowledge and the way in which he is providing relief to so many patients at such nominal charges and the fact that everyone is getting relief from their sufferings whatever their problems may be. I am once again greatly thankful to him for making me avoid any surgery and providing me such a major relief and I will still be continuing my treatment for few more sittings.
    Sameer Agarwal


  3. Tarun Maggu says:

    Sure acupuncture TRIORIGIN onnuri as well as sujok is the most effective and quick way of relieving spinal back pain as I have personally found out. A fortnight’s time is enough to show tremendous improvement in the symptoms and pain is almost gone.
    Thanks Dr. Kapur
    Tarun Maggu


  4. Sidhartha Sinha says:

    Dear Dr Kapur,
    Thought I’ll let you know that I left your clinic this afternoon feeling a lot better — the back stiffness and ache had disappeared. Thank you!
    I am hopeful that your treatment will also improve my wife’s condition. Madhulika, 42, has been bed-ridden for the last seven years. She has a acute form of Multiple Sclerosis.
    She cannot move her legs (diminished sensation, loss of muscle mass and contraction); she’s reluctant to open her mouth, has problem with speaking, chewing food and swallowing. She gets spasms (involving legs and torso) every time someone rubs the skin on her legs. There’s a big bedsore near her tailbone, which requires her to be on a urine catheter. Before being put on a catheter, she had urinary incontinence.
    She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005. Her condition deteriorated steadily with drop in vision and extreme weakness of the limbs. Initially, the lesions were concentrated in her spinal cord, but an MRI after a relapse in 2007 revealed multiple lesions in the brain, too.
    She’s currently on 12mg/day steroid, antibiotics for urine infection (which refuses to go), and homeopathic medicines.
    We started Sujok treatment under your supervision on October 4. Kindly advice on the seed and moksa points.
    Warm regards, Sidhartha S Singh


  5. Amarjeet Punihani says:

    I Managing Director of Punihani International, Delhi, India having involvement in leather exports all over the world. While on the tour, I suddenly got a spinal problem which creates difficult for me to flex or bend the spin, subsequently the pain radiate to the lower extremities and went for western medicine but of no avail.
    THEN, I came to know about Dr.Dinesh Kapur who is practising in acupuncture triorigin, a drugless treatment through which all the symptoms gone without any medication. I was surprised to see the efficacy of Dr Dinesh and incredible knowledge about energy concepts.


  6. Paragi Chandra says:

    Paragi chandra this side need a gap to share my experience….I was suffering from the spinal pains since last more than 5 years and hence consulted too many doctors, spine specialists, neurologists and many more..but not a pinch of relief found….i am fortunate to have consultation with you and being a patient of you…..now I can say that now an experience to enjoy my relief…. Thank you and regards


  7. Amit Chandrakar says:

    Dear Dr.Dinesh Kapur,
    My wife Mrs. M.Chandrakar was suffering from Slip Disc at spines since last one year and as a result was in severe pain. We tried everything – Orthopedic Physicians, Physiotherapists and Spine Surgeons. Underwent array of tests like M.R.I., C.T.Scan, X-Ray, Blood Tests, etc. but of no avail. Our family was disturbed emotionally as it was difficult to carry out routine family day to day chorus, kids education, financial issues due to medical expenses and above all emotional set back due to my wife’s severe pain. My wife was clinically advised to undergo surgery and that to with no guarantee that this disease can be cured after surgery. Almost every single day she was on painkiller tablets.
    We lost hope and at point of time my son’s classmate’s mother adviced us to meet you. Now after almost 15 sessions from you my wife is improving a lot, around 70% reduction in waist pain and leg pain. Also she was suffering from constipation and there is subsequent reduction in that also.
    Initialy we thought that Acupuncture treatment involves severe pain due to needle insertions at the affected body parts that is spine in my wife’s case but to our utter comfort it was not at all painful and also therapy is given only on palms of one hand. This relieved us a lot.
    Best part is that my wife doesn’t have to take any form of medicines now. Moreover this therapy is very economical too. Also the therapy sessions takes very less time hardly 20 minutes.
    Sir, we are very happy now to see smile back on my wife’s face. We are indebted to you for this and we now are recommending this therapy to our relatives and friends as this therapy is effective for lot of diseases.
    Sir, Thank you so very much, with Warm Regards,
    Amit Chandrakar, Delhi.


  8. Shailja Agarwal says:

    I d like to thank Dr.Dinesh Kapur for curing my neck pain as well as lower back pain in 10 sittings. I developed an “I pad ” neck and back pain due to bad posture. After 5 sittings there was 50 percent improvement and gradually after 10 sittings the pain cleared completely. I totally attribute it to TriOrigin sujok as I took no other treatment or drugs apart from correcting my posture.


  9. Venkatesh Prasad says:

    I really I am surprise that I relief my arm pain which is concerned with cervical problem in one setting. I am very much thankful to you through acu puncher.
    Venkatesh Prasad


  10. Bharkha Bhargav says:

    Thanks Dr. Dinesh Kapur you helped me a lot to recover my ailment in spinal problem. It was a hell to keep out of work for about more than two months. Indeed it helped a lot that too focus is only of hand without touching the direct portion of affected organs. It brings joy while going to office, without getting any surgery or that grave pain.
    regards, Bharkha


  11. Kirti Jain says:

    I, Kirti Jain, surprised to see the fabulous cure effect of ACUPUNCTURE through Dr. Dinesh Kapur who cured my cervical spondylosis, spinal-lower back ache, body aches which I was having for the last approximately two years. After taking few sessions I could see the positive results.
    Now I have started telling others to have same treatment concept through Dr. Dinesh Kapur, who is absolutely got at home in his work not only treating but putting needles that patients does not know to have the needle fear!
    Thanks to Dr. Dinesh for his outstanding understanding concept!
    Kirti Jain


  12. Swati Mittal says:

    I am a 17 years old girl diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis 2 years back.From then my parents and i had been running from pillar to post until we reached Dr. Dinesh Kapur”s clinic a few months back who treats his patients using SUJOK concept.Treatment through SUJOK concept proved to be highly benificial to me as it has relieved me a lot from my regular pain and now i can study for long hours without any fear of getting bedridden due to pain.Many cancer patients who had lost all hope have also been cured by this treatment.I strongly recommend this established treatment for any diseae or ailment.


  13. Dilip says:

    Hello sir, 
I am suffering from degenerated L5 S1 disc postercentral herniation and L4 L5 disc bulge compressing nerve roots. Constant severe pain is there in right leg specially in the inner part of leg. Numbness is there. Not able to walk nor able to sit, stand in a same posture for more than 15 min. pain is there in the feet also. trying to manage with medicines but with no result. should I go for operation.I am sure that you can help me.
waiting for Ur reply,

    smile, Dilip


  14. Ashish Saxena says:

    My brother is 34 yr old. I really need your help. I read and come to know many things about Sujok therapy and it giving miracle result, and for that I need a help.
    AS he met an accident and have spinal cord injury (D5-6). D5-6 disc has displaced causing severe cord compression and cord thinning. Almost all the doctors have recommended immediate surgery except one reputed and experienced spine surgeon in New Delhi.
    On the doctor’s advice, currently he is on bedrest with bedside physiotherapy and medication. I want to know if his injury can be cure with sujok and if yes then please tell me how can this be done. He is on strict bed rest for 6/7 weeks.
    Ashish Saxena


  15. Rosângela Ornellas says:

    Muito obrigada pela matéria belíssima, muito interessante. Toda minha Gratidão.
    SPINAL “Cervical a lombar, cóccix


  16. Saroj Jain says:

    Last year, I diagnosed the problem of spondylosis. Though I was on an early stage but there was no permanent cure for the disease. Then I came to know about the acupuncture treatment and it worked quite well for me. Now I am free from the pain and I don’t have to rely on permanent medication! 🙂


  17. R.K. Sharma says:

    Disc dessication is seen at L4-5
    Posterocentral disc tear is seen at L4-5
    Broad based posterior disc bulge is seen at L4-5 &L5S1 with thecal compression
    Broad based posterior disc bulge with posterocentral disc protrusion is seen at l3-4 with left neural compromise & canal stenosis
    No e/o caudal or cranial mygration is seen


    1. Check email, I have sent the diagnosis.
      Best wishes


  18. Rajneesh Chhabra says:

    My mom in India was in terrible pain from Spinal Sciatica and had thyroid Issues as well. She went to several places and for weeks in a row but did not feel the relief and if she did, it did not last long. Treatment with TriOrigin helped her a lot and for the first time, she is feeling well and continues to get better and fast. Well trained and compassionate staff helped her recover. I would happily recommend triorigin to anyone for nerve related and thyroid issues. Rajneesh C

    Liked by 1 person

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