⤴︎ Why does KIDNEY get fails!

Why does kidney get fail

The reason could vary from the people and varies the condition in every person. The causes may be different but in totality a number of things that can damage kidney function, includes:renal+
 Diabetes long-term precisely
 High blood pressure uncontrolled
 Glomerular diseases (diseases that attack blood vessels in the kidneys)
 Infectious disease such as hantavirus
 Trauma any physical
 Or Long-term use of some painkillers
 Genetic disorders can also affect the kidney disease.
At the same time Kidney disease can also be congenital that means it has been developed while a baby is still inside the womb.
Most kidney diseases attack nephrons, causing them to lose their filtering capacity. Damage to the nephrons may happen quickly, often as result of injury or poisoning. But most kidney diseases destroy nephrons slowly and silently. It may take years for damage to become clear.
Out of the above, the most of the common reason to develop kidney disease is Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.
Diabetic Nephropathy that keeps body from using sugar, as it should be! If sugar stays in blood instead of breaking down, it can act like a poison. Damage to nephrons from unused sugar in blood is called diabetic nephropathy. If one keeps blood sugar levels within range, there is a possibility to delay or prevent diabetic nephropathy.
High Blood Pressure may damage small blood vessels in kidneys. Damaged vessels cannot filter poisons from blood as they are supposed to. Inherited and Congenital Kidney Diseases result from hereditary factors.
A number of things can cause kidney failure, but post renal acute renal failure in particular is caused by anything that interferes with the flow of urine out of one’s kidneys. All of the blood in the body goes through the kidneys, where waste is usually filtered out and excreted from the body as urine. However, in people with post renal acute renal failure, something interrupts the urine flow from the kidneys, which means waste can’t be filtered or disposed of correctly and waste builds up in the blood. Usually, post renal acute renal failure is caused by an obstruction in the bladder or its related passageways. Kidney stones or tumors in the ureters (the tubes connecting your kidneys to your bladder) can block waste from passing into the bladder. Also, anything that causes an obstruction in the bladder itself, such as an enlarged prostate, a bladder stone, or a blood clot, may stop urine from properly passing out of the kidneys and through the bladder.
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder in which many cysts develop in kidneys. These cysts may slowly replace much of mass of kidneys, reducing kidney function and leading to kidney failure. A child may grow unusually slowly, may vomit often, or may have back or side pain. Some kidney diseases may be “silent” for months or even years. The first sign of a kidney problem may be high blood pressure, low number of red blood cells (anemia) or blood or protein in urine. Some hereditary kidney diseases may not be detected until adulthood.
In case of kidney disease, diet is required to control the amount of fluids, potassium, phosphorous and sodium in the body. This needs to be done while ensuring that the body gets enough calories and proteins for maintaining health. The body can accumulate fluids between dialysis sessions, causing puffiness or weight gain, and must be controlled. Some fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water and should be limited to small quantities. These include melons, grapes, oranges, tomatoes, celery and the like and guava raw may help to control nutritional deficiency.
Energy how moves in the body and interlinked with the environmental energies may perfectly be analyzed by the consultant involved in working with TriOrigin acupuncture. Undoubtedly there is a possibility of regaining the functioning of inactive kidneys. Though quality of life can further be improved by insertion of very fine needles at the certain energy meridians in miniature form of hands and feet’s. No direct application of needles in the organs. If diagnosis properly, one may overcome the symptoms and kidney may start improving in an effective way, even a person is on dialysis.

https://triorigin.me/ ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’

5 Replies to “⤴︎ Why does KIDNEY get fails!”

  1. It was an amazing experience to see the swelling subsiding within two days which otherwise could not be treated through diuretic medicines also. Writing in blog is my sincere effort to thank Dr. Dinesh Kapur for his meticulous treatment also treating skin problems plainly through drinking water was indeed unbelievable.


  2. I am having dialysis twice a weak as chronic kidney disease since June’ 2009 with the pathological details such as parathyroid 1336 (ref range 15-65), alkaline phosphate 395 (ref range 50-136), urea 109.7, potassium 6.0, phosphorous 6.67; with the result unable to lead daily routine life, even to leave the job. There is no doubt to spent hefty amount on treatments in conventional medicine but of no improvements. Recently, I started taking treatment through Dr.Dinesh Kapur, consultant in acupuncture SuJok. I found such improvements like relief in legs sprain and pain, stomach up-set, headache, heaviness in thigh and legs now much comfortable, feels energetic hence ready to move, even after having dialysis no stomach ache, feels much better. Besides improvement in appetite and body’s strength which itself is a good sign.
    In my opinion, after eating and drinking water, my weight does not increase in the same proportions, which it gets worst before taking treatment. Now even my mind and body feels more positive. Thanks to doctor Dinesh, for his in-depth knowledge.
    Regards, Abhijeet


  3. Hello Mr. Kapur,
    the PDF contains the result of my blood the last half year! If u do not understand something, just ask!
    My kidney got broken only because of high blood pressure, the doc says! About half year ago, i tested my urine, so we could calculate only 10% filtering work of the kidney, but also the kidney do not produce enough urine, so i have to minimize drinking and put out the water with the machine!
    Medicine: I take while the comlete day 5 pills against high blood pressure, 1 * renal vitamine (because of dialisis), 2 pills against too high parathormone and 3 pills against phosphat in the food!
    Now how to start!


  4. I am a kidney patient and been under medications for many years now and due to the heavy medications and steroids increased weight. Due to this I most of time have back pain.
    Dr. Dinesh has helped me come through this back ache problem with the help of medicine-less treatment, through needles.
    Want to say special thanks to him for extending such a wonderful therapy to every one .
    Thanks. Panavi


  5. Many friends have asked me if the Acute Kidney Injury(AKI) and Acute Kidney Damage (AKD) could be cured by acupuncture. My answer was yes. Acupuncture is now an effective therapeutic system which is popular even in western countries as a natural and alternative therapy for chronic diseases including kidney diseases.
    AKI is a rapid loss of excretory function of kidneys and it generally occurs within a short period due to damage to kidney tissues caused by accident or low blood flow to kidneys, exposure to substances harmful to the kidney or obstruction of the urinary tract which, in turn, blocks the flow of urine. AKI is diagnosed on the basis of laboratory findings on high blood urea nitrogen and creatinine or decreased urine output. AKI is also associated with the risk for cardiovascular disease and congestive heart failure.
    AKD is the result of continuous loss in renal function over a period of several months and years. The progression and severity of AKD is classified into 5 stages, with first stage being the mildest and the 5th stage , which is called end-stage kidney disease. CKD can continue for a long period without any specific symptoms and is detected on increase in serum creatinine or protein in the urea. AKI can be progressed to AKD if it is not treated in time.
    AKI and AKD can be cured through acupuncture, irrespective of its stage and severity. According to Chinese medicines, the acupuncture has three functions, viz., dredging meridians (energy pathways in the human body) , regulating the energy system (yin and yang) and strengthening body immunity as well as eliminating pathogenic factors. So, the basic curative effect of acupuncture is to remove the blocks in the system, so as to improve blood and energy circulation in the patient’s body.
    Since oxygen is carried to tissues in the blood, insufficient blood supply causes tissue to become starved of oxygen. Hence the tissues of kidneys are also quickly damaged by loss of blood flow. When the damaged kidney tissues get more blood circulation, through the acupuncture therapy, it will improve its self-cure ability, thus improving the kidney function.
    Acupuncture also improves the functioning of the immune system as a whole. As we know, all kidney diseases are induced by the progressive immune system failure, over a period of time. Hence an improved immune system will manage the kidney disease and mostly eliminate it from the root.
    I have been told by some people who had taken acupuncture therapy from Dr. Dinesh Kapur , that many symptoms and discomforts of kidney disease, such as chronic pain, head-ache, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, had disappeared immediately.


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