⤴︎ Bronchial ASTHMA

Bronchial Asthma:


The ‘root‘ of Bronchial Asthma believed to live in the kidney, with the main pathognomonic process developing in the spleen, while the disease manifestation, or what can be described as its ≤flower≥ ~ is to be referred to the lungs. It results energy deficiency in lung meridian.
It’s noteworthy that an excessive energy in lung meridian results in a stormy paroxysm associated with sonorous distant rale mainly occurs in early morning time. Where a paroxysm appeared to be of “quiet” type and the rare could only be perceived by auscultation, with aggravation coming in second half of the day. This results from energy deficiency in lung meridian, which is to be tonified. While conducting the diagnosis of application type, it is advisable that activating a single byol meridian should start treatment. Otherwise an inadequate placement of magnets simultaneously on two (paired) meridians could lead to a rapid development of a paroxysm.
Moreover, a bronchospasm will be arrested by a slow, intense and prolonged massage of a point corresponding to the trachea bifurcation (sharply painful in all asthma patients). This can be done with fingers by simultaneously pressing upon the zone corresponding to the prominent vertebra. In providing a correspondence system based treatment a moxa should be applied to heat up what is called the asthma point until there emerges a bubble.
Wheezing and coughing can be symptoms of a localized obstruction of the airways (bronchial tubes or trachea). The wheezing represents the sound of air rushing around the blockage, and the coughing is the body’s effort to clear the blockage.
Triorigin six-ki enables to offer treatment at the main, branch, and sub branch energy dimensions, and to make sure a unique personal approach to each bronchial asthma patients.
In effort to diagnose and treatment of Bronchial Asthma patients the following syndromes: Complete asthma characterized by severe respiratory dyspnea; asphyxia noted for sonorous distant rale alterations in remission unavailable.
Wind and coldness penetrate into the lungs
Hotness and sputum in the lungs
Energy imbalance in the liver
Energy imbalance in the liver, hotness has emerged
TriOrigin a powerful tool that aids in strengthening the immune system and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increase both the ability to function and the quality of people’s lives. One may opt to apply color and seeds as prescribed to sprout in the results. The therapy has proved to be in tune with the therapeutic methods advised by the International SuJok acupuncture by the points corresponding to the lungs and tracheobronchial tree, and by Six ki points. The beauty of triorigin is that, each treatment is catered to the needs of an individual patient. Its energy concept is only on palm, chosen for overall improvement with the goal of increasing blood circulation viz. vital energy.

https://triorigin.me/ ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’

7 Replies to “⤴︎ Bronchial ASTHMA”

  1. I would like to thanks to Dr.Dinesh Kapur, rather I have got no words for him, who performed acupuncture TriOrigin treatment to my wife Mrs Manisha Khanna who was suffering from asthmatic problems for the last eighteen years along with other multiple problems like throat coarse, shortness of breath, clenched jaws, chronic fatigues, excessive cough, loss of hair rapidly and many more. My wife was on medication for the same for the last such periods.
    It is very amazing and surprising to find changes in life as well as multiple diseases. Now her most of the medication has been stopped and SHE FEELS LIKE A NEW LIFE TO HER and for this all thanks to Dr.Dinesh Kapur.
    We all family members are highly thankful to Doctor Dinesh.
    With warm regards and may god bless him by giving more knowledge to heel the mankind!


  2. My mother was suffering from severe asthma. We consult so many doctors in Patel chest institute infect my mother gets treated by them for more than two years but then nothing good happens that’s all temporary as soon as the weather changes she again and again gets asthma attack we were very tensed at that time. Then one day I went to BALAJI MANDIR, VIVEK VIHAR there somebody told me about the Dr.DINESH KAPUR and his treatment through ACUPUNCTURE. I took my mother to balaji mandir to Dr. Kapur and now after taking treatment the recovery is fabulous. She is absolutely fine now she can do lot of household work without any breathing problem. All I can say is thanks to balaji as he shows me the way to Dr Kapur. Thanks to Dr. Dinesh Kapur
    Harsh Bhalla


  3. Hello Doctor,
    I am Sophia from Goa, checked your site and would like to show my son to you, who is suffering from Asthma for last 2 years. I would be in Delhi next week and wanted to check your availability in the morning during weekdays. I would be staying in Delhi for around 20 days.
    Best Regards, Sophia


  4. I would like to congratulate Dr Dinesh kapur on the kind of magic he does with acupuncture. My mother an asthma patient have been to Apollo Hospital in ICU many times and we didn’t find any hope of her getting better. she couldn’t leave her oxygen for even 5 min,she couldn’t walk on her own, as was diagnosed in hospital as acute respiratory failure stage V. We heard about Dr kapur and took her to there on a chair .But thanks to Dr kapur ,now when we go their she walks down on her own and is slowly able to leave oxygen the whole day.We hope that she keeps getting better. WE HAVE FULL FAITH IN “BALAJI” and Dr DINESH KAPUR’S ACUPUNCTURE ART

    Sunil Chahal


  5. I was having asthma for the last approx 20 years, childhood and getting worse the position. With western medicine it was difficult to overcome the symptoms. Now after taking treatment through acupuncture from doctor, I could not believe that it can work so effectively, in a amazing way. Thanks to him.
    Radhika Mathur


  6. I am saurabh Puri, i have been under treatment of dr dinesh kapur .
i am suffering from Asthma problem from the last 14 years,Due to this i have face lot of problems but since the treatment i feel much better now, Infect now I started running also which is big achievement in my life. Although its initial period of my treatment but the treatment is given by Dr Dinesh Kapur .It really me feel much better and the specially moxa and corresponding points given by Dr kapur recommended gave me instant energy in the body.
    dr kapur give me some instructions that to avoid certain foods which helps in my curing.
    it’s no side effect treatment .
    Thanks to Dr Dinesh kapur for the treatment and his support even online.
Saurabh Puri


  7. Here, I could not find proper thanks word for Dr.Dinesh Kapur who performed acupuncture that too on hands. It is brilliant to see the quick results which helped to get rid at uncontrollable time! Thanks to doctor!


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