PRAYER ‘nectar’ of words collected from scriptures, and pious spiritual leaders…….


M~Particles, universal energies I am touched by the ORIGIN! I AM BEING unlimited blissful, joy, grace, smile, space, peace and love ~ I do not know anything, nothing. I have no knowledge; and I am nothing, NO THING. I know nothing. I want to find the meaning of life, to comprehend this world and myself, to become enlightened. Please help me, guide-me, upgrade me NOW to strive for perfection and to bask in the bliss of love, smile~ who am I! What is the purpose of this life! Have I understood it properly! What is my source, root, origin; and what is the fragrance of ‘I’ (consciousness). You have illuminate me with your saalokiye, saameep­iye (nearness), saarupiye, saaujiye (oneness), and saarshtiye. Please embrace ~ smile in my heart! A moment feeling of separation ends and when we feel united with the Universe/Divine/HIM! To self, no mind, body, and self-life, if achieve, self-become perfect inner side, because HE is perfect; then looking towards OriginSmile. I am free of worry and concern.

I leave my human nature to unfold whatever its destiny is. I remain as I Am. Be thankful to the source to provide you an opportunity to serve for the betterment!

‘I Exist’!
Thank you, EXISTENCE, OriginSmile!

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  • An important aspect of TriOrigin therapy is that it allows considering individual characteristics of patient manifested in self’s energy constitution. This brings about an effective action on the very origin of disease.

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