Water ~ An Essence of Life!

As being a universal solvent it helps in the regulation of body temperature, i.e., 98.4°F/37℃.

Everyday is a different sun and to feel the positive rays you must start your day with a glassful of water. A constant mantra for a healthy living that we usually skips due to our busy lifestyle.

Water for regulating body temperature: Medium for all body fluids.

Boons of water
◆ Healthy spin for a healthy day
◆ Boosts immune system
◆ Prevents bad breath
◆ Glowing Skin

A glassful of water for effective healthy ways and for the balancing of body nutrients, let’s look at how helpful it is;

● An Empty Stomach
Drinking water on an empty stomach purifies the colon, making it easier to absorb the nutrients.

● Healthy Skin
Drinking water can clear up your skin and help you look more fresh and glowing. Commit to drinking a healthy amount of water of a couple a week and the effects on your skin.

● Exercise in hot weather
Body’s water require’s excessive sweating combined with consuming large amount of plain water. A dehydrated body leads to disruption of metabolic processes and thus results in hypernatremia, an increase in the level of sodium ion in the body.
To overcome this the best time to drink water is 2 hours before exercise and two hours after the exercise.

● Eating Habits
Drink a glass of water half an hour before eating and after an hour from eating. Drink food like you drink water, and eat water like you eat food.

~Yash kapur

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Concept itself is unique, unparalleled in the world, with no medicine in the form of chemical composition reaction!

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